Raising a glass to CETA

Raising a glass to CETA

Aranleón is a young winery on Spain’s Mediterranean coast. It grows 15 varieties of grape on 120 hectares.

Aranleón markets three families of red wine under the Blés, Aranleón Sólo and El Arbol de Aranleón brands, as well as a white, a rosé and a cava. Aranleón's wines are certified organic and have won more than 15 international awards.

The company also offers wine tourism for those wanting to learn more about winemaking. Aranleón exports a quarter of its production – around 100,000 bottles – to Canada and has listed one of their organic wines in the Quebec liquor board catalogue. Now the company has set its sights on expanding sales in Canada.

"The current encouraging business situation is because EU trade agreements have removed trade barriers. The new agreement with Canada – one of our most promising markets – will be a huge help." says María Sancho,Owner and Managing Director at Aranleón. CETA’s tariff cuts will enable Aranleón to offer Canadian consumers better value for money.

CETA has:

  • removed some of the barriers that EU wine exporters used to face
  • put in place a clear framework for easing other such barriers.

CETA will continue to protect Aranleóns status as a Geographical Indication (GI) on the Canadian market.