Innovative tech solutions for Japan, made in Austria

Innovative tech solutions for Japan, made in Austria

Headquartered in Villach in the state of Carinthia, microelectronics firm Infineon Austria is a leading business in the country.

Energy efficiency, mobility and security are three global megatrends in modern society. They are also the central challenges that Infineon addresses with its semiconductor and system solutions.

In cars, smartphones, industrial electronics, debit cards and ID cards – know-how from Infineon Austria is found in many everyday applications.

“Fair free trade of the sort provided by the EU-Japan trade deal secures and creates jobs by strengthening the domestic economy. Japan is the EU’s second largest trading partner in Asia after China, so it’s essential that growing markets are open to our businesses and that we create the best possible conditions for exports and trade.

The agreement will also make products cheaper for consumers. And it helps us compete globally, including microelectronics.

Another important factor in the agreement is harmonisation and tackling trade barriers in areas such as standards, safety regulations and public procurement,” says Sabine Herlitschka, CEO of Infineon Technologies Austria AG.